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Paul Clark

Impact Locksmiths
50 Riviera Drive,
Tel: 07590-208096
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Paul Clark is a local locksmith in Liverpool trading as 'Impact Locksmiths'. A genuine family owned locksmith & Door Repairs firm based in Liverpool that can provide a prompt and reasonably priced locksmith service whether you're a commercial client, home owner or landlord.

Rest assured that Paul isn't part of any national locksmith franchise so you can place your trust in Impact locksmiths and have peace of mind that should there be any issues with your work then you have a professional just a stones throw away to rectify it.

We so many Liverpool residents tricked by national locksmith firms into paying ridiculous call out fees and would strongly encourage anyone seeking a locksmith Liverpool to ensure they're dealing with a genuine local locksmith firm.

uPVC Door Locks Repaired | Liverpool

Door Repairs in Liverpool are now a common job for any accomplished locksmith since the majority of doors on domestic dwellings are in fact uPVC or composite style.

The continuous forcing of stiff or misaligned doors eventually results in your upvc door gearbox failing, in short you will no longer be able to lock or unlock the door. This can be highly inconvenient if you're on the outside of that door!

Impact Locksmiths are trained in uPVC door lock repairs and the unjamming of faulty door locking mechanisms. Paul stocks a wide range of upvc door lock repair gearboxes and can usually repair most doors in Liverpool within the same day.

If you think that you door is operating strangely or feels stiff to lock then it is wide to let a professional locksmith take a look before the inevitable failure. The cost of an adjustment is far cheaper than the cost of a replacement upvc door locking mechanism.

Testimonials | Impact Locksmiths

Updated: 14/08/2017

B.Whitehouse, Liverpool - Locks Changed
"Paul changed the locks after we lost a set of keys in Liverpool city center. His prices were reasonable and I would gladly endorse his work."

M.Claygate, Liverpool - Door Repair
"Impact supplied us with a new door mechanism after the kids broke the old one. Paul worked hard to find a replacement for our old obsolete lock."

T.Patrick, Liverpool - Emergency Locksmith
"Got us back inside when the keys stopped working. A reliable contact for any phonebook."

S.Acer, Liverpool - Locksmith
"Great timely response, Paul was professional and tidy."

M.Smerdon, Liverpool - Emergency Locksmith
"Paul came out really quickly when we needed him to change the locks after my mothers handbag was stolen. Polite, professional and trustworthy."

P.Linden, Liverpool - Locksmith
"Greatest thanks to Paul who changed our locks at such short notice on a Sunday evening. Very understanding and fairly priced."

D.Bowker, Formby - Locksmith
"Came and changed my locks at short notice after a bunch of keys was lost. Cannot fault, brill service."

Local Liverpool Locksmith

Local locksmith Service

Impact Locksmiths Liverpool is run by me, Paul Clark, a qualified professional locksmith in Liverpool with the right experience in the construction and security industry.

Why risk using a national locksmith franchise when you can use a genuine local tradesman?

opening a Lock in Liverpool

Opening Hours

Mon - Sunday, *24 Hours wherever possible.

Although a 24 hour locksmith service is advertised please be aware that out of hours charges do apply beyond normal working hours. lock parts for repair work

Areas Covered

Impact locksmiths strive to cover all areas of Liverpool including all local suburbs. For further information on our coverage please call Paul directly to inquire.

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Latest Review

"Paul was friendly and courteous, handling our situation like a proper professional. Number saved for future use!"

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